Do you need a writer & content creator with a passion for research and a keen eye for detail?

Sarah Coleman Freelance Health Content Writer

Sarah Coleman



I founded Complementary Words with a mission to provide quality, research-based content to engage the reader and inspire action.

I transform your cold hard | facts | science | jargon | into compelling content people love to read and share.

For nearly 20 years I worked as an evidence-based naturopath specialising in women’s health. During this time I developed the skill of breaking down complex information, communicating it to my clients with clarity and empathy.

Thousands of hours spent with clients has also given me a profound insight into people’s beliefs, motivations and fears around health, lifestyle and food.

These insights inform every stage of my writing process, backed by my qualifications in science and the humanities.

I am easy to work with, independent, and motivated. Clear communication is fundamental to my process. I will work with you to create the content you need, to a deadline.

When I am not writing, I am enjoying life on our small farm, being walked by my dog around the neighbourhood and hunting down the funkiest of ferments.