Evergreen Evidence-Based Content


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Evergreen health content draws readers back again and again. Like an evergreen tree, it withstands the seasons, retaining its freshness and relevance. It stands tall amongst the online noise to engage, inspire and add value to the life of the reader and your business.

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is

Education and information – ultimate guides

Tutorials/How to’s

Tips and content lists



Authority Articles

You can check out a massive list of ideas for content here.

The key word in producing evergreen content is value. Your content has to be useful and serve your audience.

How does evergreen health content work?

Useful content builds trust with your readers, it builds your authority. They know that you are the go-to business for quality, evidence-based information.

People buy services and products from those they “know, like and trust”. Evergreen content does the leg work and builds this relationship with your audience.

Evergreen content will not only engage your consumers but also businesses and interested people associated with your industry. Links back to this content boost your network, profile and further enhance your SEO.

Quality AND quantity are best

Evergreen content is generally in depth such as “ultimate guides” and . They dive deep and explore the given subject. Engaging writing backed by thorough research will produce content that people will come back to over and over again.

Evergreen content can be short and sweet too. A concise, plain language definition of a service, health condition or technology. An evergreen recipe, glossary or a list.

The more evergreen contnet you have standing tall on your platform, the more ongoing engagement and authority you will build.


Set a date to revisit

Evergreen content, especially related to health will need to be revisited from time to time. This ensures that it remains up to date and continues to enhance your authority.

When it comes to health, you are more than aware that the science changes and you will have to maintain a healthy evidence base to all your content.

What does your reader need?

Identifying what your reader needs will populate your pages with content that stands the test of time as well as

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