Health & Medical Content

Healthcare communication that inspires action.

I write about ALL TOPICS related to HEALTHCARE

My areas of special interest are:

Women’s health 

Integrative/Functional Medicine


Food & Agriculture Content

From paddock to plate content solutions.

I write about ALL TOPICS related to FOOD & AGRICULTURE

My areas of special interest are:



Sustainable Agro-Tech

Content Creation | SEO Copywriting

I work with you to create actionable content that respects the integrity of your brand and the intelligence of your consumers. Content that educates and persuades. Explores emerging trends, culture, and associated technologies

Blogs | Newsletters | Social Media Content | eBooks | Course Content | Patient Handouts and more …

SEO Optimised Website Content

SEO friendly website content integrating psychological triggers prompting visitors on your site to engage and take action.

Feature Writing

I write stories people love to read and share. Built on unique angles, backed with original, high-quality research for print and web publications.

Custom Projects

Let's collaborate to create bespoke writing that will take your project to the next level with quality and authority.